So we have reached a funding wall and are looking for more funding to pay a developer to help get the last things in place. This sadly cost 2000 USD and will pause the project to we somehow find a solution to the problem

So i've been writing a bit here and there about this exchange that i'm starting for Ethereum and Ethereum Tokens (1000+) but i do not feel like i've explained enough about this project. i really want this exchange to get a great start from the first day and its really up to the people in the end if that is gonna happen. So in this post i would like to show off a bit of the site and some of the future plans that we got in mind for this amazing project. The first post had a very positive feedback and really showed some interest into the project. So here we go and dont mind me drawing on the photos because some informations are something i shouldn't share like my own IP cough cough (because PC hosted right now) We would also like to in the future to work together with big crypto related youtubers and websites and other sort of influencers to make the trading experiance better for everyone.

What is ? is the next decentralised exchange for Ethereum and over a 1000+ tokens (honestly stopped counting). We want to build a big trust between the site and its traders and on the same time give back to the community in form of random giveaways to lucky traders depositing to random trading addresses in a form of 30% of the monthly site revenue with no limits so if the 30% happens to be one million dollars we would give it away.

Talking about trust everything is done on the blockchain so all your trades are safe and not reachable by the team nor reacheable on any of our servers and our website and node is two different servers so we can garentie that everything is secure at all time.

Do your website use accounts ?

We do not use accounts per say so you wont have to give us your email or anything, all you need is a Metamask supported browser (like brave) and Metamask installed since it will be the account of the website and used for depositing and withdrawel of fundings. That said we use Metamask for your security and because it surely is the best wallet for supporting all kind of Ethereum.

Will you use any sort of Tracking?

simply no, we beleive you have the right to be off the grid per say so we will not have any script that tracks IP's or any kind of information like that for your safety.

Can i invest into the website?

You sort of can, tho the investment wont give you a % of the company tho we will pay back the doubled invested with time so you can earn a little from the money you put into the project. You can also visit our website and just give a small donation with any of the widgets. (if you want to invest contact me on PM)

Will you support different site languages?

Yes we will try to make the website as user friendly as possible and we will at start support English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and franch with future plans for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian and perhaps German.

So yea, still waiting for that service to get out of maintenance as at this moment, so that kinda have given me a lot of time to think on what we will be working later when the exchange is well and going and its kinda what i want to share with you guys in this post so you will kinda know where the money the exchange will be put in the future.

First of all we will ofc put a lot of money into the mncharity platform to develop more servers aswell help funding the dogecash charity platform that they are planning to build.

The recent exchange hacks

Well ofc this is very worrying and had me thinking on how i could possible use the decentralized platform to make another exchange for multiple coins without having to host any personally information or private keys on the network so there wont be anything for a hacker to try steal with the same use as Metamask as login tho a fully new browser plugin supporting more then just one coin that can be used as login for a new exchange system. Building things while trying to have security in mind of personal data and funds.

Killing spam bots

Well this one have been a plauge far too long for every website out there, well not all but some that have a login form or form of comments or forum. Even facebook have problems with so manny spam bots not only in the crypto world but also one of the most used ways to promote porn sites or other random things. I will in the future sit down with a team of software and web devs to figure out a way to use the blockchain and if its possible.

These two are the only once i would share right now with you since im still not sure about the other projects yet, but if you want to help you can help us move faster buy lending us your Crypto for some time and we will return what you lend with 100% extra on top of the lended. We can talk about it if you PM me on here or on etherexchanges discord that you can find down below!