We are soon ready to start, while you wait you can get hold of the tokens that we will be offering on exchange.
This token will be used as a reward token and the users that hold this token in their wallet will get rewards every month which happens to be 30% of the profit that the site will make.
Now all you will need to do is to deposit min 5 USD worth of ETH to 0x03629cEC6cdD3A66CF2F2b588246566A5BD8f048
This will have to be 5 USD received or nothing will be returned.

Deposit address: 0x03629cEC6cdD3A66CF2F2b588246566A5BD8f048

Min deposit: 5 USD

Price per token: 0.15 USD

After sending the money please contact Casper/Casterft in telegram

Telegram Member group: t.me/etherexonline

Telegram Announcements: t.me/etherexchangeonline